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Speedy Delivery of World of Warcraft

Now we are glad to announce that after a period of adjustment, we try to provide the fast delivery of 5 minutes in more than 90% servers.Our WoW Gold is safe, you needn’t worry about the security of your WoW account.

If we are short of stock for the moment, there will be a slight delay and you should receive your shipment in approximately 6-12 hours. You can check the status in our website,

If we happen to be out of WoW Gold at the moment you make your purchase. We promise to send your Cheap WoW Gold to you in 1 to 3 days. Have fun!

Call Verification will be needed for over $40 Purchases. After payment is verified, orders will be delivered within 45 minutes of purchase. Please feel free to contact our customer service via our live chat system. Also, we will contact you by phone ,email and live chat to arrange the delivery.
Have fun!

After place an order in our site. Please come to our live support and tell the professional operators your account informayion. We will arrange the best gamer for your powerleveling. After the WoW Power leveling finished. We will send the gold you purchased to your character.

Please Note: For the security of your account,We won't be last on line for too long for the free powerleveling.We will try our best to level up your level and skill during the powerleveling. and We will try our best to make you enjoy your time in the game.

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